Vitamin Immune Booster Infusions

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Vitamin Immune Booster Infusions

Infusion Wellness is now offering our new

Vitamin Immune Booster Infusions through IV drip to help keep your body safe and healthy! 


Our new Immune Booster Infusion includes:

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin D

  • Vitamin B

  • Glutathione

  • Zinc

  • All drips include a free B12 injection

Will the Vitamin Infusion help me?


Yes! These vitamin infusions are 100% safe with no long lasting side affects and are filled with all the Vitamins your body needs to help fight off viruses and common colds.


 Vitamin Immune Booster Infusions have also been shown to treat various conditions such as:


- Anemia





-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

-Fibromyalgia (widespread musculoskeletal pain)

-Seasonal Allergies

-Muscle Spasms

-Sinus & Respiratory Tract Infections


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What are the benefits of this Vitamin Infusions?

Reviews from our Patients

"My vitamin infusion has helped in multiple aspects of my life and made me feel great again" - J

"Getting the vitamin infusion was the best decision I have made in years" - D

*Disclaimer: These infusions are not for everyone.*

-Increased energy

-Strengthen your immune system

-Improved detoxification

-Reduced stress

-Boosted metabolism

-Improved Arthritis Pain

-Enhanced mental clarity and focus

-Being the best version of you!

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